BLOODY Jubilee DRAMA in Nyeri as County Assembly Members FIGHT, beat Journalists covering the VIOLENCE

Nyeri residents were on August 23, 2016 treated to ugly scenes as ward representatives brawled over a motion to impeach Governor Nderitu Gachagua. PHOTO | GRACE GITAU |

Members of the Nyeri County Assembly (MCAs) on Tuesday exchanged blows at the House over a plan to impeach Governor Nderitu Gachagua in a brawl that also sucked in journalists and assembly staff.

The fighting pitted MCAs allied to Governor Gachagua and and those supporting the bid to kick him out.

Chinga MCA Paul Ngiria, who has opposed the motion, had just driven into the county assembly compound and was walking past a group of reps when a war of words erupted between him and some members of the group.

Nation journalist Grace Gitau was attacked by an angry MCA, who grabbed her camera, twisting her arm in the process.

But other journalists intervened.

On Friday, County Secretary Alice Wachira claimed that some MCAs were working on a motion to remove the governor from office.

“It is clear that the rejection and mutilation of the budget and the intended impeachment have nothing to do with the performance of Governor Nderitu Gachagua but rather with political aspirations of forces that thrive in chaos and disorder,” said Ms Wachira.

Ms Wachira claimed the county government had learnt that several meetings had been held with the aim of disrupting services in Nyeri County for political gain.

Here is the reaction of the one the top political analysts:>>

Jubilee supporters’ ever diminishing self esteem finally gets a “shot in the arm” as Kerry shows up next week. Jubilee has been struggling to identify with a toothcomb what it has achieved over the last 4 yrs, and Kerry visit, will give Jubilee violent and blood thirsty supporters something to spam their facebook pages with. Its called compensation.

Jubilee supporters have been desperately waiting for their idol to unleash at least something heroic, but just when they thought its gonna happpen, the biggest prize and Kingmaker who will determine who wins 2017, has decided to join CORD. And so with CORD outsmarting Jubilee at every turn, its obvious that Kerry visit may help Jubilee recover some ground in next week’s media cycle.

Then reality will sink in once Kerry is gone. When I look at the long list of big shots who are committed to defecting from Jubilee before March, including CSs, PSs, and so in, its becoming inevitably clear that Cord will win with a landslide. Its going to be a Tsunami.

Nyeri County Assembly security guards restrain a ward representative involved in a brawl over a motion to impeach Governor Nderitu Gachagua on August 23, 2016. PHOTO | GRACE GITAU | 
Some of the Nyeri ward reps during the brawl at the House. PHOTO | GRACE GITAU
Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua at a past function in 2016. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI



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