HERE are the KEY HIGHLIGHTS of Raila CORD Parliamentary Group Meeting

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CORD Parliamentary Group.

1. CORD thanks its negotiators in the select IEBC reconstitution team for the hard and time-consuming work they put till the end of the deliberations. The coalition notes that at no time did any of the CORD negotiators absent themselves from the sittings which Jubilee in some instances treated casually…

2. CORD endorses ALL the resolutions of the committee and will vote for the bill and the attendant reports…

3. CORD has NO misgivings about the bill…this should be clear.

4. CORD leaves it to president Uhuru to decide if he wants to engage further the leadership of the opposition on names to be in the new IEBC, and if he doesn’t; CORD wishes him luck as he does unilateral appointment of the seven persons from the names of nine persons who will form the next IEBC commission…

5. CORD is opposed to any amendment to the IEBC bill, even removing a coma, or adding a hashtag to it…

6. CORD welcomes the inclusion of religious institutions to the IEBC selection panel; hopes that those they will select to form the panel will be true men (and women) of God and wishes them luck….

7. CORD urges all its MPs and Senators to turn up in both houses of Bunge and pass the ‘as it is’, with no amendments whatsoever….

8. CORD wishes the current IEBC commissioners the best of luck in their future employment opportunities….

9. CORD urges supporters to not worry about the final outcome, it is taken care of….

10. CORD predicts the future from the present and the past…and says, “ALL IS WELL”.



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