National Olympics Committee of Kenya (NOCK) over Rio Olympics SCANDALS

Mr Kipchoge KEINO – President of the NOC

The National Olympics Committee of Kenya (Nock) has been disbanded.

Sports Kenya, a department under the ministry, was tasked to investigate allegations of mismanagement of Team Kenya during the just concluded Rio Olympic games.

CS Hassan Wario said on Thursday that the committee members failed to execute their mandate in line with the Sports Act and grossly violated the privileges accorded to them.

“I do hereby disband the national Olympic organising committee of Kenya with immediate effect and transfer the responsibilities to Sports Kenya as the interim custodian,” Wario said.

He said that Sports Kenya will now oversee the adoption of new Nock constitution and set its election calendar.

There is no word yet from the current President of NOCK Mr. Kipchoge Keino who was a Gold medalist in  1968 Mexico City 1500 metres and Gold medal – first place 1972 Munich 3000 metres steeple. Due these performances and charitable works, Mr. Keino was recently decorated during the opening of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

It is possible that, the current fiasco is tied to money NIKE game the top management for the sponsorship of the athletes during the Olympics at Rio and the gamesmanship between the chinese sponsorship.   At the moment, athletes are stranded in Rio de Janeiro without means to get home.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario was Wednesday (August 24, 2016) grilled by police over the Olympics fiasco.




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