BREAKING: Hon Onyonka roughed up and chased away for GATECRASHING into CORD meeting

Hon Onyonka was roughed up and chased away like a stray dog for GATECRASHING into CORD meeting

Kitutu Chache South ODM Member of Parliament hon Richard Momoima Onyonka, who was on 23rd roughed up and thrown out of Ufungamano House at a CORD meeting, has resolved to defend his seat on an independent ticket.

Onyonka who among other ODM leaders, has been warming up for Jubilee, has received a hostile reception in Gusiiland especially in his backyard which is a CORD zone.

Onyonka tried to gatecrash into a CORD meeting and was nearly beaten up by angry CORD supporters that were disgusted by his presence following his recent pro-Uhuru campaigns in Kisii.

Momoima has been a fierce critic of his party leader Raila Odinga, saying Raila is obsolete and must therefore retire.

His previous attempts to sell Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero as the Nyanza kingpin bore no fruit after youths nearly lynched him a couple of times.

The Kitutu Chache South legislature has unavailingly tried to join Jubilee with the intention of having his alleged jumbo debts and corruption cases dis-burdened off his back.

The man has also worked hard to try and impress Jubilee so that they can cover up his alleged massive CDF and UWEZO fund embezzlement.

Nonetheless, his efforts have been barren since the entire Gusii is a no-go-zone for Jubilee. He once led a huge delegation to Sugoi where they met the Deputy President at his home and declared he would run on a Jubilee ticket in 2017.

According to political pundits, Onyonka has read between the lines and sensed defeat by an ODM candidate who is preferably Raila’s right-hand man Anthony Kibagendi.

The youthful Kibagendi gave hon Onyonka a run for his money during the 2013 elections. Kibagendi is Raila’s groundsman in Kitutu Chache South and at national level he represent the party in imperative TV and Radio Talkshows.




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