WHY Uhuru and STATEHOUSE HEADACHE over Coast, Luyha and Kisii Will Get WORSE even after FLOODING Millions of dollars to brokers

Uhuru Kenyatta was elected corruptly after judges were paid handsomely under the table

By Jackson Omondo alias Nicco Machiaveli
In keeping with a long standing tradition of Kenyan incumbent presidents running for reelection, president Uhuru Kenyatta’s 2017 political game plan took a decisive dimension when the last balloon dropped from the ceilings of Bomas of Kenya auditorium.

Governor Alfred Mutua’ s political extravaganza had all the hallmarks of a well oiled national campaign. From the pizzazz, the highfaluting rhetoric, the historic venue and the convention-esque political razzle dazzle, there was no doubt that the Governor’s targeted audience were domiciled well beyond Machakos County!

Tellingly, the Governor’s launch came just days before another ‘rogue’ leader unpacks his Mulembe consciousness political junta. Ababu Namwamba is set to go live with his contingent of politicians whom he says have gone through their political ‘Saul to Paul moments’ and are now ready to “liberate” folks from political “persecution. ”
The same thing is happening at the Coast where some politicians are busy racking in ‘bonga’ points in order to please Jubilee ‘s top brass.

Jubilee is simply xeroxing political playbooks of yesteryears with hopes that they can slice and in some cases, torpedo CORD’s plan to hold on to its strongholds.

Even Stevie Wonder can see that Governor Mutua is overplaying his hand in Ukamabani by thinking that he has the chops to take on Kalonzo. The perfect time to showcase political chutzpah came and went when Kalonzo took Jubilee to the cleaners! Jubilee had the courts, IEBC and other political flunkies who were dusted up from political dustbins to come and harangue and frustrate the then CORD’s political newbie and Supreme Court superstar ( Kethi Kilonzo) and when they thought they had CORD in check, Kalonzo reminded them that CORD had more Kilonzos than ever before! Mutula Kilonzo Jnr dwarfed Jubilee in a landslide.

As for the Mulembe consciousness, so long as the ring leader’s constituency is predominantly coloured in Orange, Jubilee bundlers are better off asking for refunds. Furthermore, the Western region is home to the carcasses of political projects who must now be case studies in political science classes. I am talking about two former vice-presidents who made wrong political decisions and rightfully faced the wrath of the able voters.

To say that Governor Joho never loses sleep over political hiccups at the Coast is an understatement. And his party leader filed the coastal region in CORD’s column in BC! For starters, Jubilee ‘s picks to dislodge CORD are the who-is-who in the D-list of Coast politicos and to imagine that that is the cast tasked with the sisyphean task of ousting the Joho-Kingi axis, one is better of selling fire in hell.

In sum, Jubilee is simply dishing out money because they have lots of it. The notion that the new recruits will put a dent into the rock solid CORD sphere of influence is the mother of all ambitions.




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