‘I moved from Hurlingham to Eastlands and started using matatus’ – ANN NGUGI on her downfall.

Former KTN anchor, Ann Ngugi

Monday, 05 September 2016 – Former KTN anchor, Ann Ngugi, has revealed how she has been through hell after losing her job at K24.

The eloquent Swahili anchor was poached from KTN when she was at the top of her career.

Before going to K24, she had worked at KTN for almost a decade where she created a huge fanbase.

However, she lost her job after working for a short while at K24 during a massive retrenchment exercise that saw highly paid anchors sent packing to minimise costs.

According to Ann, she was forced to relocate from Hurlingham to Eastlands after losing her job because she couldn’t afford to pay rent in the leafy suburbs.

All her friends and former work-mates avoided her like plague after she lost her job.

Her former bosses at KTN where she worked for almost a decade refused to pick her calls when she fell from grace to grass.

Some even blocked her phone number and treated her like garbage.

Ann was also forced to sell her Mercedes Benz because she couldn’t maintain it.

She sold the guzzler and started boarding matatus. Her Congolese husband had also gone broke at the time she was fired.

The once celebrated anchor says that no local media station wants to employ her after she was accused of conning foreign businessmen together with her husband.

They claim that her image is tainted and that’s why she has not gotten any job after being sacked from K24.

However, Ann insists that she didn’t con the businessmen as alleged and blamed her enemies of conspiring to bring her down.

The former anchor is currently a stay at home mother.

Former KTN anchor, Ann Ngugi



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