WHY Raila is RELAXED even with Jubilee ROLLING out EXPENSIVE office, High Range Vehicles and Super PR

Jubilee Party opens lavish nerve centre in Pangani, buys 47 Prados

By Kamasasa Ephrahim

Sometime 2002, Moi under the old constitution order tried to force Kamwana on Kenyans. A lot of billions was splashed, left – right – center and well used. Uhuru still lost to Kibaki who carried out a less expensive campaign, thanks to Raila and the entire NARC team.

2007 Kibaki then the president loaded with billions used the same tactics Moi used 2002. He bought politicians who use their bellies to reason politically. At some moment, Kiraitu Murungi (cabinet minister) bragged live through live media broadcast how they are financially liquid and they will shake all corners of Kenya. Despite this, Kibaki still lost the entire election shamefully to Raila who managed a less expensive campaign.

2017 is here. Jubilee are bragging how financially liquid they are. They have hired a big building which can house several government ministries and branded it with Jubilee slogans and colors. They have purchased new 4X4 cars and branded them too.

What are they doing? Just a mere scare crow is what Jubilee is. They want instill fear in opposition vote basket that they are financially loaded and they cant be beaten at the polls.

Jubilee listen. You can even bring central bank to operate from that JAP party head quarters. But CORD will beat you at the polls.

Raila will beat you!

ODM will beat you!

CORD will beat you!

The entire opposition will beat you !!

The rest of Kenyans will triumph at the polls against you.

Kenyans have never been and will never be intimidated at the polls with financial freebies!1414982_1




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