Jubilee Leaders STOLE EUROBOND MONEY- insists Raila

ODM Leader Raila Odinga now wants Jubilee government to explain the whereabouts of the Ksh. 215 Billion from the proceeds of Eurobond which the Auditor General says cannot be accounted for.

Speaking in Kakamega today when he met one thousand party delegates drawn from all the Constituencies in the County, Mr. Odinga wondered why Jubilee Government had been silent on this matter for months now until the report by the Auditor General yesterday reveled the money was missing.

“When I spoke about Eurobond theft, they said I was just making noise for political mileage, now, the Auditor General has let the cat out of the bag, can they explain where the money went” said Mr. Odinga.

Mr. Odinga said it was a pity that Jubilee leaders continue to lie to Kenyans that all is well when the country is indebted out there to a tune of billions of shillings. “Why is it difficult for them to account for the Eurobond money and explain how it was spent? Why?” posed Mr. Odinga.

According to the report by the Auditor General, Ksh. 215 billion from the controversial Eurobond funds has not been accounted for; two years after the Government claimed the cash was allocated to Ministries.

Mr. Odinga says this is unacceptable and Kenyans must be told the truth. “When I wrote to the Governor of Central Bank to allow me visit his office to know how the money was spent, he wrote back to say it was a bank, client matter, not a public matter” said Mr. Odinga. He added that they know how the money was stolen and who the beneficiaries are.

“Today, every Kenyan has a burden to bear. Even the unborn children are indebted because of the greed by people in Jubilee government” said the CORD leader. He told Kenyans not to allow Jubilee to continue stealing in their name and looting from the public coffers. “Kenyans have suffered enough in the last four years. They have stolen and eaten everything. Nothing is left for the common man. The only medicine to this mess is to deny Jubilee another term to auction the country” he said.

Mr. Odinga said the Eurobond money was a big scandal that should not just be let go. “They lied to us that the proceeds from Eurobond were allocated to Ministries, the Auditor General’s report says there is no proof that the money was received by any ministry, this is theft” he said.

Mr. Odinga once again cautioned the people of Western Kenya against joining Jubilee saying the new outfit has nothing new to offer Kenyans. “These people are the same ones who have ruined the economy of this country. Supporting them is killing Kenya” he said.

Delegates in the meeting urged Mr. Odinga to launch his Presidential campaign saying that he was the most suitable person to steer Kenya to the next level and get Kenyans out of the shackles of doom.

Mr. Odinga urged them to continue supporting the party and go out there to mobilize as many people as possible to register as voters. “My appeal to you is to go out there, get the youths apply for Identity Cards and have them list as voters” he said.

Kakamega Governor Mr. Wycliffe Oparanya told members of the party to remain steadfast in support of the party and party leader’s bid for the top seat. “If there is any elected leader who is uncomfortable and wants to leave, please do it now, and tomorrow I will be at your doorstep with your replacement” he said.

He said he will move to every corner of the County to popularize ODM party and engage with wananchi to seek their support for Mr. Odinga. “Raila is my president of choice, I know he too is your choice, let us all support him to change Kenya” added Mr. Oparanya.

The delegates reaffirmed their commitment to the party and promised to go down to the villages to campaign for the party. Mr. Odinga is on day four of his tour of Kakamega County and today traversed Malava Constituency where he addressed wananchi at Tombo, Chekulo, Kimang’eti and later a big rally in Malava town.




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