Mvurya who undermined ODM and arranged the canning of ODM leader emerges as jubilee mole finally.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has told his critics from Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to stop nagging him after his decision to ditch the party. This comes after it emerged he has been a jubilee mole all along. 

His remarks follow calls from some ODM officials in the County that he resigns as a party governor and seek fresh mandate from the electorate.

Speaking at a function for women in Mwavumbo, Kinango Sub County, Mr Mvurya asked the critics to be at peace now that he has decided to leave them with their party.

He added that having seen politicians Omar Zonga in Lunga Lunga and Mohammed Mwandaro in Msambweni denied nomination tickets in 2013, there was no way he would remain in ODM to face similar fate.

“I have seen so many people in social media talking about things whose truth they do not know, but the truth is that I cannot stay in ODM for the next General Election and wait to cry,” Governor Mvurya said.

The governor has said he will rally his people behind President Uhuru Kenyatta in next year’s elections, saying the Jubilee administration had helped the Kwale government realize its development agenda.

He asked the county’s women and the other residents to support his re-election bid on another party ticket in 2017.

“Those who have started saying that they will oppose me for ditching ODM, they should stop saying so now that I have left them with their party,” he said.

Mr Mvurya urged the residents not to focus on political affiliation of a leader but his development record and his plans for the people.

Similarly, he cautioned them against voting in ‘six piece’ saying the habit had made the county to suffer massive losses and lag behind in terms of development.

“There is nobody who can come and tell us to vote in ‘six piece’ this is the reason as to why our county has been at loss, therefore, we should look at an individual,” he said.

On Thursday, Msambweni branch ODM Chairman Abdallah Mambo told ODM supporters in Kwale that the party was intact despite the governor’s intention to exit.

“We are now in the process of consulting and soon we will reveal the name of a candidate whom we are very sure will beat Mr Mvurya,” he said.

Similarly, ODM adviser Hamisi Banda accused the governor of not being aggressive like Senator Boy Juma Boy who has remained firm regardless of many aspirants eyeing his seat.

Mr Banda termed the decision by the governor to ditch ODM as ill-informed.

Msambweni Sub County chairwoman Fatuma Mwatsahu said she would mobilize other women against being lured by the wave to vote for Jubilee.

Cord leader Raila Odinga is expected to visit the county on September 23.kw_pixhqdefault




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