girlfriend Careen Kipchumba (left) and Former KTN anchor Louis Otieno (right). Mr. Otieno struggled his girlfriend Careen Kipchumba to death.

Former KTN anchor Louis Otieno appeared in a Kibera Court to answer to manslaughter/murder charges where he is accused of killing his girlfriend Careen Kipchumba some years back. From the handsome energetic man we were used to seeing grace our TV screens, we were met by a sickly, sad, aged and wasted man. Click here to read more...

According to reliable sources, the hanky is apparently sick and unable to cater for his own bills and relies on his mother, former KBC anchor Elizabeth Otieno for upkeep. He apparently has hearing problems as his health worsens each day after struggling his girlfriend Careen Kipchumba to death. This was the main reason he kept a translator during the Kibera Court hearing.

Louis was a known womanizer and was linked to several beauties in the past. At one point, he took over someone’s wife in Nairobi and chased away the man (Gido Kibukosya). Apparently, Louis destroyed Gido’s marriage by snatching his wife Suzanne back in 2007. The two were married for over 20 years but Louis decided to break their marriage thanks to his randy ways. “I would call my ex-wife sometimes and Louis would pick up to ask why I was calling. I found that immature and insecure, considering that this is the mother of my kids.” He added. Although Gido has moved on, he claims that he will never date or marry again and all this was caused by Louis, who is now sickly and under-going a lot of torture.

Louis invested his money in women and booze and after losing his job at KTN after murder allegations, he had nowhere to run to. This is a warning to each one of us that while we are at it, let us try to invest the little we have as you never know about tomorrow. Check the early photos of Mr Otieno during the happier times.






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