Ntimama HAPPY as Raila DESTROYS Jubilee in Masai land Prompting ANGRY Uhuru to ABUSE presiding Bishop

By Stephen Biko
The enigma told Uhuru to his face that,“mko kwenye kipindi cha lala salama”,remindning him that,”mwaka wa elfu mbili na mbili,tulikata kuenda kasarani,kwa sababu kasarani ilikua ni kisirani,na tukaunda serikali”.

Matters had been made worse when State House as usual misled Uhuru to arrive at the burial ceremony ahead of Tinga,without the crowd even noticing him,only being recognized by the master of ceremony.

Agwambo would mysteriously appear exactly five minutes after Uhuru,with the thousands of crowd bursting into a rapturous cheers,shouting Baba! Tinga! forcing Uhuru to wait for about 10 minutes at the visitor’s book desk,as Jakom and his delegation made their heroic way into the tent,with a mass of humanity.

Interestingly enough,about three of the Maasai leaders,among them a priest and a woman politician acknowledged the following that Jakom commands in Kenya and commended him for his patriotic role in conserving Mau Forest and defending the Maasai rights,something that embarrassed Uhuru as,no one except his errand boy,Duale was at great pains to recognize Uhuru’s “work”.

Things deteriorated further when Nkaissery rose to speak,but instead chose to invite Tinga to make “brief remarks” first,without even recognizing other dignitaries.

Jakom in his wisdom,took over the function,being the peoples function,as the peoples President should do,and first recognized the presence of his comrades starting with Hon.Elijah Memusi Kanchory and invited his Super Alliance Team of Senator Moses Wetangula,Hon.Musalia Mudavadi and H.E Stephen Kalonzo Music to warm up the political ground by first railing on Duale.

Even Senator Gedion Moi and Governor Isaac Ruto could not help Uhuru,as they all heartily laughed as the mourners wildly cheered Agwambo.

Jakom then took his time to remind Uhuru of 2002,2005,2007 ad told him that,”after Ntimama left State House,he called and told me that there are two JUBILEEs,the one in Narok and the other in Nairobi,so I wanted Uhuru to help fix the JUBILEE problems in Narok,as I am(Ole Ntimama) still in ODM”.
ODM DAMU MSEE….14370091_905948296177234_7175470777147110121_n




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