I will not leave ODM, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma declares after skipping Ababu event

Funyula MP Paul Otuoma with Cord leader Raila Odinga on Saturday. /COURTESY

Funyula MP Paul Otuoma has said he will not leave ODM for any party.

Otuoma, John Waluke (Sirisia) and Budalangi Mp Ababu Namwamba had resigned from ODM claiming they were “frustrated” by the party’s leadership.

It had been said the three were behind the ‘mulembe consciousness’ movement aimed at uniting Western residents and securing their place in politics.

“I am one of the founder member of ODM party. I cannot quit when almost all of our grievances have been met ranging from devolution to IEBC,” Otuoma said on Saturday.

The Funyula MP said he reached the decision after consulting with party leader Raila Odinga when they met on Friday.

“I am not leaving ODM and I am ready to retain my seat as the party’s vice chairman. I did not go anywhere,” Otuoma said in Siaya during the funeral of former Harambee Stars Assistant Coach James Siang’a.

He asked the party to discipline rebel MPs to restore peace.

“At times we need to solve some things at home. The rift in Budalangi and ODM should stop. If there is a fight in a household, it should be solved in the household,” he said.

On Thursday, Waluke and Otuoma skipped the launch of Ababu Namwamba’s Labour Party of Kenya.

Ababu quit his ODM secretary general post, at the same time that Otuoma and Waluke they will quit.

But following their absence at the launch in Nairobi, Ababu wrote on Twitter: “Cowards never write history…not even footnotes. History is written by the edge of the sword of valour,”

It is not clear why he posted the comment after unveiling Labour Party of Kenya, in reference to his ‘missing friends’.




One thought on “I will not leave ODM, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma declares after skipping Ababu event”

  1. namwamba u r the real coward if what u wrote on ua twitter were on rferance to paul otuoma and waluke.u thought u were cleaver not knowng that fools carry themselves.the brown envelope u rcievd for u to ditch odm now imeanza kukutoka kwa mapua!!


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