KTN Jeff Koinange ROASTED for SETTING UP Boniface Mwangi with Hon Kuria, SHOW is Uhuru PROPAGANDA Tool


Arap Doyo A few days back, David Ndii in a newspaper column explaining his reason for skipping a hyped Statehouse Summit on accountability described Jeff Koinange as “a celebrity moderator on sale to the highest bidder”.

Yesterday’s botched Boniface Mwangi interview at JKL told it all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

From its onset, JKL was well planned, the host is self motivated to meet the objectives, see the consistency in the kind of guests he invites, see how he frames and asks leading questions, see his demeanor when his guests are not going according to the unwritten script, study his topics in relation to anytime scandals are hitting his dear government hard, see how he uses his platform to water down the obvious while pretending that his is for the benefit of the public.

I am glad Kenyans like Dan Ooko are bright enough to understand the motives of JKL. Not everyone can be fooled.

Silas Nyanchwani
: What Jeff Koinange did yesterday was irresponsible, wrong, dickish and annoying.

What Boniface Mwangi did was responsible, right, badass and exciting.

I have seen Mwangi’s justification and boy if all of us reasoned like him, we can send the thieves parking. But you and me are cowards. No doubt.

We have complained severally that Jeff is openly bias, something journalists should desist from, unless it is an opinion they are airing. But he never misses a chance on his show to put in a good word for the president who they are related.

But a man of Jeff’s experience who has even worked for CNN, he does a terrible job.




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