MP Musyoka facing treason charge for telling Uhuru to commit suicide over corruption

MACHAKOS MP Susan Musyoka facing possible arrest for saying President Uhuru Kenyatta should either commit suicide or resign over corruption.

Machakos MP Susan Musyoka is facing possible arrest for saying President Uhuru Kenyatta should either commit suicide or resign over corruption.

County CID boss Henry Ndombi said on Friday that he had summoned the woman representative to record a statement over the remarks published by some newspapers on Wednesday.

Ndombi said Musyoka’s call to Uhuru, whom she said has failed in the war on corruption, amounted to treason. Individuals convicted of this offence are sentenced to death.

CID officers waited for Musyoka to record her statement for the better of the day but only her lawyer Daniel Maanzo turned up, accompanied by Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala and a group of Wiper supporters.

Maanzo, who is Makueni MP, told journalists at the county commander’s office that he had gone to inquire about the case.

He said his client had gone to hospital as she was unwell but would report the police station later in the day. The MP had not turned up by 4pm but the lawyer said they applied for an order barring her possible arrest.

“Musyoka is expected to record a statement in relation to a press statement she issued a few days ago; she talked of a leader in connection to failure to end corruption and gave quotes by other leaders,” he said.

“There is an indication that she will be charged with treason under section 40 of the penal code, which is actually a very old law that Parliament should have amended in line with the new constitution.”

But Maanzo said the charges were far-fetched and could not stand in a court of law, and that the woman representative had good intentions for the country.

He noted his client talked about corruption and and cheating in national examinations, which he said create inequality. He underlined that Musyoka did not mention the President’s name in her speech.

The lawyer also said the charges were politically-motivated and that a local politician was pushing for Musyoka’s arrest.

Kiala said statement’s like Musyoka’s were common among politicians and yet no action has even been taken against any of them.

“It was just the other day when we heard another leader saying he was the third in command and no action has ever been taken on him. What is special about what Musyoka said?” he asked.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been asked to either commit suicide or resign over corruption.




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