Bomet Governor Ruto LIFE IN DANGER after Police LOB TEAR GAS Canisters until he Sustains INJURIES in Clear Violation.


Bomet County governor H.E Isaac Ruto was on Sunday attending a church service at Njerian AGC, Silibwet Township Ward, when he received text messages of complaints from youths attending a football match at Silibwet stadium some few kilometers away that a number of them have been arrested by the police while others were being harassed at the stadium on suspicion that they are his supporters.

Some boda boda riders even made the journey to the church where he was worshipping to raise the same complaint. After the church service ended, Ruto decided to pass by the stadium en route to another church function at Kaplele Catholic Church, Nyangores Ward.

His sole object was to ask the police officer in charge of security at the event to release the youths who had been arrested and to ask his officers to stop harassing the youth then proceed with his journey.

Upon arrival, Wananchi who had come to spectate greeted him with cheers and flashed signs of Chama cha Mashinani. In attendance at the match were a host of Jubilee Party MPs and MCAs. Ruto approached some police officers to inquire who was in charge.

They were not willing to divulge the information. He asked them to release the youths who had been arrested and not to harass his supporters as it was a football match not a political rally. An argument ensued between him and the police officers. A handful of his supporters joined him in asking the police to release the arrested youths. An argument ensued.

A police officer in uniform made to hit him with a stick but the governor’s security thwarted the move just in time. Around ten or more police officers retreated and lobbed tear gas canisters directly at the governor in quick succession.

One canister hit him below his right eye in the melee. As a result, he sustained a cut which made him to bleed. His security personnel whisked him out of the stadium under a hail of tear gas volleys from the police who was charging at them.

He was administered first aid on his way home where a doctor dressed the wound. He is out of danger and resting at home.

It was an unprovoked and gratuitous act of police brutality that should be condemned by all Kenyans of goodwill. An act borne of police officers operating on political instructions not the dictates of the law.

Kiprotich Samoei

Director of Communication
County Government of Bomet15000229_633124426867032_1489899251367577193_o

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