Raila Odinga’s STERN message to MUSEVENI

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has sent a stern warning to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Raila Odinga's STERN message to MUSEVENI

The ODM Party leaders has asked Museveni to stop humiliating Kenyan fishermen in Lake Victoria.

“How are Museveni and his security officers harassing Kenyan fishermen [claiming] that they are encroaching their waters when one cannot identify which fish is from the Ugandan waters or the Kenyan waters?” Raila was quoted by The Star.

Raila Odinga's STERN message to MUSEVENI

Raila Odinga flagging off the boat races at Usenge Beach in Siaya

Speaking at Usigu Beach, Bondo on Saturday, November 26, Raila asked Museveni to mark all fish that belong to Uganda or stop arresting Kenyan fishermen.

“How is Museveni justifying that all fishes caught at the border line of Uganda and Kenya are from Uganda, what if those fish are bred in Kenya and only cross over to feed?,” he said.

Raila Odinga's STERN message to MUSEVENI

The former prime Minister called for tolerance saying good working relations between the two governments will boost economy.

He further asked the security officers at the border to be guided by the East Africa rules and avoid creating animosity.

Watch Museveni telling Raila Odinga’s offer after his visit in Kenya for economic development below;




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