46 royal guards killed in Kasese clashes

Charles Wesley Mumbere royal photos, and with Queen Agnes. Buhikira Royal Palace, Kasese, Uganda.

Forty-six royal guards have been killed in the offensive at Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Palace in Kasese, the Uganda Police Force have said.

The guards were killed in an exchange of fire with Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) soldiers, according to Rwenzori East police spokesman Mansur Suwed, who also said 139 royal guards were arrested and are being detained at the Kasese Police Station.

Several items were sized at the palace, including 16 patrol bombs, 42 knives, three metal detectors, one SMG rifle, and one pistol with two magazines.

Others include four radios and 47 pangas.


Brigadier Peter Elwelu, the UPDF 2nd Division commander, defended the army’s attack on the palace, saying King Mumbere had been given an ultimatum of two hours to disband and disarm all royal guards at the palace.

He added that King Mumbere was told to remain with only nine royal guards but he declined to do so, forcing the army to launch an offensive on the palace.

Brigadier Elwelu described the actions of the royal guards as those of a terrorist group destabilising the region.

He said the operations in the district would continue and the camps belonging to the royal guards will be razed.

King Mumbere was detained at the Kasese Police Station before he was airlifted to Kampala.

He is now at the Special Investigations Unit awaiting a meeting with President Museveni later today.

King Mumbere and President Museveni in a past photo

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