Senators in Nairobi dispute Mutua’s Major land grabbers list Exposé.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua appearing before the Senate Public Accounts and Investment Committee at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi on November 30,2016. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL


Senators poked holes into Governor Alfred Mutua’s list of alleged land grabbers and other public utilities in Machakos County.

The governor is before the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee.

Nyamira Senator Mong’are Bw’okong’o on Thursday dismissed the governor’s documents as “mere photocopies by a lawyer asking for investigations.”

“He is dwelling on copies of papers whose legal authenticity is doubtful,” said Mr Bw’okongo, who is a lawyer.

Dr Boni Khalwale (Kakamega) challenged the governor to produce tangible evidence linking Cord co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka and other prominent leaders to land grabbing.

He said the 93-page documents presented to the committee was meant to divert attention from financial malpractices flagged out by the Auditor General.

“This is a mere allegation. We can’t allow you to use this committee to get what you didn’t get elsewhere,” Dr Khalwale said.

But Senator Kimani Wamatangi (Kiambu) defended the list saying the governor has owned the documents.

He said the committee can seek more information from institutions like Ethics and Ant-Corruption Commission, National Land Commission and companies named in the documents.

The House committee, he said has constitutional powers to summon those adversely named to clear their names.

Bur Dr Mutua defended the document saying it is properly before the committee.

“Trying to say this document should not be placed before this House amounts to a cover up,” he said.

The governor said dismissing the evidence because prominent people have been mentioned is discriminatory.

“lt means there is small fish and the big fish which is untouchable,” Dr Mutua said.

Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama warned the committee to be cautious not to be drawn into politics and forget the fact that the audit is about how public funds have been spent at the county.
Kalonzo Musyoka is accused of grabbing “LR. No. 22278 and IR 130409 in Mavoko Municipality, Machakos in the name of Desiral Ltd a company believed to be registered in his name and that of his wife, Mrs Pauline Kalonzo. Kalonzo Musyoka is also accused of grabbing “LR. No. 201185 IR No. 67338, a parcel of 4,000 ha in Mavoko municipality…”



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