[AUDIO] Businessman calls Sonko ‘dog’ in confrontation over demolished Westlands house

Businessman Francis Njeru (right) talks to his lawyer Michael Osundwa at the Milimani law courts on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 when he appeared in court over accusations of maliciously destroying properties in Westlands on Sunday. /COLLINS KWEYU

Police in Nairobi have arrested a businessman who evicted a family from their house in Westlands on Sunday.

Francis Nyaga Njeru of Frank Logistics will be arraigned in court on Wednesday to face charges of malicious damage to property.

He is said to have hired goons who demolished a house whose lease had expired and claimed it had changed ownership.

On Sunday, the Kurji family was forcefully evicted from their home by a group of men armed with machetes and clubs.

They only managed to salvage some items before a bulldozer flattened their home.

Jameeta Kurji told the media that the family has owned the piece of land since 1972.

She said two brothers, Nazmudin and Sadrudin, built a duplex – two houses separated by a wall – on the parcel that year.

“Since the death of Sadrudin, the house was occupied by my father, Nazmudin, and mother Parin, and my other sibling,” she said.

The National Lands Commission and the police had launched investigations to establish the ownership of the disputed piece of land.

The NLC intends to review the grants and will on Friday morning hold public hearings for the property.

All the parties are required to produce at least six document to support ownership including letter of allotment, receipt of payment, deed plans, leases and title deeds.

Njeru had told the investigators that he applied for lease in 2008 in a letter dated December 18, 2008 to the Commissioner of Lands.

On November 10, the Nairobi City County issued an Enforcement Notice to stop any further illegal development forthwith and also remove any illegal structures. The county has disowned the document and termed it fake.

On Monday, IPOA dispatched its Rapid Response Unit to investigate the alleged failure by police to protect the family and their property.

Head of communications Dennis Oketch said they will make recommendations and forward the investigation file to the DPP for his attention.




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