DRAMA in Parliament as Hon Millie Odhiambo STRIPS NAKED to STOP Uhuru from Changing Law to ALLOW RIGGING in 2017

Mbita MP Hon Millie Mabona nee Odhiambo today lectured President Uhuru terming him greeedy and ‘stupid’ for trying to change IEBC law to facilitate rigging in 2017 general elections.

Hon Millie short of stripped to curse Uhuru>>>
Cord MPs have vowed to block National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi from accessing the Chambers to discuss the Tuesday’s special sitting business.

The opposition legislators were on Tuesday furious over attempts to amend the negotiated elections laws to allow for manual voting in 2017 if electronic voting fails.

The MPs are also angry because Cord leadership in the House including Minority leader Francis Nyenze, his deputy Jakoyo Midiwo and Whips such as Chris Wamalwa and Thomas Mwadeghu were not consulted about Tuesday’s sitting as per the law.

Cord MPs have maintained that no amendment can be made on the negotiated elections laws because they were barred from amending the Bills by “even a comma” during the passage in October.

“We cannot use the backdoor to amend the negotiated laws. Amendments can only be done through negotiation,” Makueni MP Dan Maanzo said.

“This needy greedy plot by Jubilee to rig elections in 2017 cannot be allowed,” Embakasi South MP Irshad Sumra said.

The opposition has raised fears that changing the law to allow manual voting will lead to rigging of elections on grounds the “dead” will also vote.

The MPs have said they will only accept a Kamukunji with the Speaker in Tuesday’s sitting but not the scheduled business.

They also say it will be illegal to reconvene the sitting after the disruption. It was to kick off at 9am as gazetted.

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo said Jubilee has already sensed defeat and they will not allow President Uhuru Kenyatta to take “us back to Egypt where we came from.”



CORD and Jubilee agreed that IEBC under Isaak Hassan could not be relied upon to conduct free and fair elections in 2017. They also agreed that the system as it existed, needed improvement. This was during the negotiations at Windsor.


They agreed to send Isaak and Co home and come up with a set of new laws to address the shortcomings in the electoral system.

This law (Elections Amendment Law 2016) was revolutionary! It would stamp out cheating by ensuring only voters whose biometric details appear in the register are allowed to vote – in the past, cheeky people would wait until polling stations are closed, lock themselves in a room somewhere and “vote” on behalf of those who didn’t turn up because maybe they are dead or moved or whatever. This is popularly known as “topping up.” Also, it allowed unscrupulous individuals to vote twice using somebody else’s identity card.


After the Bill was passed by Bunge, the Speaker, Justin Muturi sat on it for a fortnight for no reason before forwarding it to the President who sat on it for another fortnight for no clear reason.

This is while there were important timelines therein that needed to be met to ensure new Commissioners would have been in place at least a month ago to make sure preparations to implement the law are up to speed.

But now, we are still caught up in interviews and Commissioners who have resigned and have been paid their terminal benefits are still in office overseeing tender after tender!!!


Jubilee through the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee is proposing to amend the Laws already agreed upon after realizing that it seals all loopholes for vote rigging.

Now, they are saying that the IEBC should be allowed to revert to manual voting “if the system breaks down.” That would mean the requirement to double-check that a voter is genuine by verifying their biometrics would be removed taking us back to the old era of “topping up” and double voting.


Jubilee is doing this because they know that in a free and fair election, with the political formation behind CORD, they stand no chance at the ballot in 2017 and are looking for Blackfoot routes to manipulate the numbers in their favor.

This is why they are also attempting to scuttle the Mass Voter Registration Phase II planned for January 16 to February 17 by claiming they only have 8,000 BVR kits to cover more than 44,000 polling stations and that the time is too short to procure additional kits.

In Phase I, they targeted to register 8 million but barely managed over 1 million for the same reason – too few BVR kits. They are trying to avoid leasing enough kits so that CORD does not register the 6 million people in its strongholds who have IDs and are just waiting for their chance to send Jubilee packing.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was called several names today including Hyena “fisi”, greeedy and ‘stupid’ for trying to change IEBC law to facilitate rigging in 2017 general elections.



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