Facts about IEBC and 2017 POLLS: WHY Kenyans must REJECT Jubilee Coalition unorthodox Politics to manipulate elections

111-15.jpgDr. Nyangasi Nyangasi

Biometric Voter Registration requires each and every voter to be physically present and get his/her biometrics. NO faceless voters. Credibility of voters’ registers improved and fairness of elections upheld.

Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Namibia and Tanzania all with similar conditions like Kenya used Biometrics to make their register. India stands out as Asian example
Nigeria registered 73.5Million voters in 23days. It was initially planned for 14days. Ghana did 11Million people in 40 days. Both countries were facing election deadline issues. India registered 863,000,000 voters with 1Million BVR kits in 3 months. In Nigeria, 7Million fake voters were removed. In Ghana 1.5Million were taken off. In both countries, opposition victories came after voter roll integrity.

Kenya according to IEBC has 8000 machines for an expected 44,000 polling stations. If fairly distributed it is 1 or 2per polling station making it 44,000 to 88,000 machines. Nigeria procured 100,000 units for 73.5Million voters and 120,000 voting centres. Ghana procured 7000 for 23,000 centres with another 7000 back up.

It costed Nigeria $350M and Ghana $30M for both the biometrics and EVID (Electronic Voter Identification). Biometric machines are leased and shared everywhere.

Nigeria has 100,000 BVR kits and EVID kits lying in a store somewhere. Kenya lend Rwanda recently. Given Nigeria Ghana and Tanzania have them in a store, why lease.
IEBC because of capture and compromised has been ambivalent and buying time rather than executing its Constitutional mandate set out under Article 88 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Supreme Court required IEBC TO ENSURE TIMELY ADDRESS OF CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITY OF ELECTORAL PROCESS. It has not done so.

In last Mass Voter Registration, IEBC deployed 3500 units claiming lack of funds and malfunctioning units despite having 4 full years to prepare. MARKING YOU TODATE IEBC HAS NEVER PUBLISHED OFFCIAL FINAL RESULTS FOR THE 2013 ELECTIONS.

IEBC was given by USAID KShs 500M during the process to expand the registration kits. But IEBC ensured the distribution of the kits remained skewed during the registration despite protests.

IEBC has FAILED people of Kenya and Constitution of Kenya 2010.



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