”Uhuru Jubilee is like a CORNERED WILDBEEST”- Says Hon Musalia Mudavadi

121-9*Jubilee is a cornered wildbeest, Statement by ANC leader MusaliaMudavadi*

I congratulate members of Opposition in Parliament for staging a spirited fight for peaceful, free and fair elections in Kenya. The victory is not without precedent because the people of Kenya have always succeeded in thwarting forces of evil.

The legislators have demonstrated that tyranny of ideas can frustrate tyranny of numbers. The IEBC must now put in place the IEBC ICT stakeholders committee to do scenario and sensitivity analysis that will ensure electronic voting is a success. This means solid contingency and redundancy plans must be in place.

The debacle in the National Assembly should be a clear message to Jubilee leaders that they are fighting the inevitable Jubilee exit from power via the ballot in August next year.

The backdoor manoeuvres by Jubilee to sneak amendments in the elections law whose aim is to aid rigging elections reveal the tricks of a cornered and dangerous wildebeest. The Jubilee regime has sensed defeat and the unholy attempt to legislate illegalities is just one move thwarted.

They will regroup and launch another assault against free, fair and credible elections. We already know their schemes to sponsor violence in areas where they lack support. In such areas like western sponsored campaign violence is already being implemented as a means to create fear and despondency in the electorate. This is the time Kenyan security agencies must bear their teeth, refuse to be used for partisan ends and deal with those bent on creating anarchy in the country.

But the most outrageous assault on credible elections is Jubilee determination to rig elections using the Speaker to convene another special session after the first attempt failed in the National Assembly. This is a warning to democratic forces that Jubilee will go to any length to rig the forthcoming elections and must therefore be kept on a permanent watch list of wanted felons on the matter of credible elections.

I believe the Speaker does not have any personal interest in ensuring elections are rigged. However pressure is being applied on him to process illegalities. I appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta to act with restraint and call off the deadly expedition to pre-rig elections. He swore to defend the Constitution and protect the people of Kenya.

What the President must know is that what he is attempting to do through Parliament is to undermine the confidence of the people of Kenya in elections. Once Kenyans lose faith in the credibility of elections, they may be forced into extra-judicial acts of violence. The President is abetting anarchy.

I plead with President Kenyatta not abdicate his principal responsibility of ensuring that we have credible elections. He must remember there is no satisfaction in leading a lawless country. Peace is a dividend of a credible election. And President Kenyatta has therefore no choice but to ensure that elections are credible.




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