Former IG Kimaiyo blames political rivalry for bandit attack at his Kerio Valley home

A file photo of former Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo in Malindi. /FILE

Former IG of police David Kimaiyo on Friday said that the bandit attack on his home was politically instigated.

He said that the suspected Pokot bandits raided his home on Thursday following his interest in the Elgeyo Marakwet senator seat.

Kimaiyo said that the attack may have been politically instigated to derail his ambitions in the 2017 general elections.

The former IG said the attackers were after his life, adding that it was only by luck that he was not at home when the raid took place.

“This is an attempt aimed at scaring me especially after I announced my intention to contest for a political seat in the county,” he said.

Kimayo added that his two workers escaped unhurt after the bandits fired shots towards the house they (farmhands) were sleeping.

He spoke at a time police in Marakwet East said they have recovered 12 out of the 50 goats that were stolen from ‘s home on Thursday.

Kimaiyo said the remaining 38 goats must have been driven to Baringo East by the bandits.

Area police boss Emmanuel Rono said they have launched investigations into the incident to unravel the motive behind the attack.

Rono said that their probe has revealed that the bandits attacked homes at Sangach area before raiding Kimaiyo’s home and others in the area.

He said a 28-year-old Pokot was shot during an exchange of fire that ensued between police reservists and the bandits following the attack.

“Our officers, in collaboration with KPR, repulsed the raiders and recovered some of the stolen animals. One bandit believed to be from Baringo East was killed,” he said.

 “We could not establish the number of bandits. They managed to take several animals which were later recovered thanks to KPRs,” Wison Kiptoo, Kimaiyo’s neighbour, said.

Meanwhile, suspected Pokot bandits reportedly raided Lukuget village in the Kerio Valley on Thursday night, burning several animal sheds.

Richard Kayab, a resident, said no animals were stolen during the night raid since local herders have moved their flock to safer areas in the Kerio escarpment.

Kapyego MCA Benson Kiptire said armed Pokot bandits raided Kamologon and Embobut areas, taking away at least 50 cows.

Kiptire said the move by the bandits to raid areas in the Marakwet highlands may have been informed by an ongoing security operation to flush out the hostiles in Baringo county.

Locals in Nasukro, Kiserian and Loruk in Baringo were evacuated on Monday as police started the operation, which has left many officers injured as well.

“We urge our youth not to revenge by stealing animals from the neighbouring community. Let us instead allow elders to resolve the issue,” Kiptire said.

He said Marakwet residents and their Pokot south counterparts have lived peacefully since 1998.

“This banditry menace has been happening in Kerio Valley. It should not be allowed to take place in the highlands where locals have lived peacefully for over 18 years,” he added.

Senator kipchumba murkomen is expected to fight to retain seat as the incumbent senator of Elgeyo Marakwet



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