Governor Kidero MUST DESIST from SUBVERTING Free and Fair ODM Party Nominations

114-10By Owino Obiero

The idea of struggling governor using his associates to forcibly herd aspiring MPs and MCAs into his camp to support his moribund ambition to re-elected governor is delusional, far-fetched and a downright act of sabotage.

If Evans Kidero believes he has fulfilled his gubernatorial mandate so far; then a re-election should not be a problem in our view.

If Evans Kidero believes he has come of age politically and he can challenge Raila Odinga for ODM mantle, we dare him do it openly.

What we disagree with is his persistent and quite misguided attempt to control the direction of ODM campaigns. Kidero has unleashed a secret a plan to impose preferred candidates in select constituencies and ward assemblies in Nairobi.

Surprisingly, the candidates are from both sides of the political divide which exposes his double dealings with Jubilee.

This is someone who tried and failed to sponsor a rival political party in Nyanza. This is someone who has done absolutely nothing positive for his sponsoring party. This is someone who routinely hosts our bitter political rivals in his house and office. This is someone who is regularly and violently chased away by irate members of public. Worst of all, he undermines our party and it’s leadership by attempting to establish a parallel system.

Then today he is using his extortionist gangs to send threatening messages to aspirants in Nairobi county that they must “talk to him” if they wish to be elected. That they must sell him as part of their campaign. A sinking titanic ship living a cruel utopian dream and expecting to be supported by party members his government never assisted in any way.

Martin Ogindo who chairs Kidero’s infamous kitchen cabinet and officially acts as his economic planning, finance and strategy advisor has launched the Green Congress Party where he is Party Leader. Although Ogindo claims he intends to run for office using GCP ticket in ODM stronghold of Homa Bay, only fools cannot see that GCP is Kidero’s plan B in the next general elections especially since the ODM ticket and Raila’s endorsement remains agonisingly unbankable for the embattled governor.

What should bother Kenyans and especially ODM supporters here is that Kidero’s misguided political manoeuvres in Nairobi will negatively impact party primaries and invariably affect the presidential election. He must be stopped forthwith.




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