LUOs celebrate death of MOSES KURIA’s brother a year after saying RAILA killed FIDEL

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria

Saturday December 31, 2016 – Members of Luo community have stormed social media celebrating the death of Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria’s brother.

On Monday, Kuria’s blood brother, Charles Regeru, died after a short illness.

But instead of sending condolences to Moses Kuria, Luos on the social made fun of the Gatundu South Legislator despite knowing well that he is mourning the death of his brother.

Many luos claimed that Kuria was the one who deserved death and not his brother because of his ‘toilet mouth’ and just a year ago, he abused their deity that he killed his son, Fidel Odinga.

Below are some mean reactions from Luos against Moses Kuria.

“The death that took away Moses Kuria’s brother missed its target by a whisker. RIP Charles. You had to go for someone to win reelection,” Hon Jim Bonnie.

“When Raila lost his son.r.i.p..Fidel ,moses Kuria was all over the media claiming that his dad sacrificed him…how would moses Kuria feel if people spread such propaganda against him???,” Maxwell Kinyili.

“I hear Hon. Moses Kuria’s brother just passed away…my friend Hon Jim Bonnie thinks death missed the target and,” Samson Ogola said.

“Death can be a silly thing, instead of picking Moses Kuria it decided to hit a human. Very disappointed,” Jakusa Jack Wuodnyatanga.

Moses Kuria and Raila Odinga.
Kuria had previously claimed that Raila sacrificed his son Fidel Odinga.



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