Suspicious Details surrounding the sudden death of former MP Mark Too revealed – Poisoning.

Part of the unfortunate events that led up to the unexpected death of former member of parliament and assistant minister Mark Too have been revealed.

DP William Ruto with the late Mark Too

Dr Ahmed Faraj, Too’s attending doctor, said that his patient had been unwell on Sunday, December 25, and had sought treatment at St Luke’s Orthopedics and Trauma hospital in Eldoret.

“He was feeling uncomfortable due to food poisoning. I asked that he stay overnight for observation but he refused, saying he wanted to go home. He completed the infusion the following day but he was unconscious when they brought him in,” said Faraj.

Clement Tirop, Too’s brother, said that he received a phone call on Saturday, December 31, 2016, and was told that his brother was unwell.

Too served in former president Daniel Moi’s regime as an mp and assistant minister.

“I rushed there but I found him already dead. As a family we cannot say much at the moment,” said Tirop as quoted in the Standard.

Reports have it that Too woke up in an upbeat mood on that fateful day and spent some time chatting with his employees at his Maziwa Farm.

He then returned to his house where he remained until people begun getting worried about his silence.

Bwana Dawa was remembered for his humorous wit

“We tried calling him out but he did not respond. We then raised family members and together, we broke into his house only to find him unconscious,” said one of the deceased’s workers.

Too served in the Moi era and was nicknamed Bwana Dawa. He served as a political mentor to many leaders and most recalled his humor.

His body lies at the Eldoret Hospital mortuary.




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