KDF Soldier DROPS BOMBSHELL on Uhuru Inability to bring back CAPTURED Soldiers in Somali By Alshabaab

706x410q70greg-and-dickie-attack-on-kenyaBy BP
Government, we are told, is the strongest institution in any society. But our own government has continued to make history in the negative, what with the more than 100 soldiers that were kidnapped and taken hostage by Al Shabaab insurgents in Somalia, nearly 1 year ago? Why is CiC Uhuru silent about it even after seeing a clip making rounds on Social Media where a tortured soldier is pleading with him to rescue them from the hands of the devils?

It is evident that this president has never demonstrated the capacity to bear the burden of his people since the assumption of office in 2013. He has confirmed to be the most bungling and unskilled leader in the world. The wise say, the feeling of empathy dwells in a man’s character. If it is not there, it is not there. I strongly hold that it is not in our president’s DNA and character to mourn with those that mourn. If not, he would have visited the Moi University Campus in Garissa where over 147 students were slain by Al Shabaab insurgents.

The lack-lustre approach to monumental calamities in the country by President Uhuru falls short of leadership examples set by democratic leaders elsewhere. In 2012, after a lone shooter killed 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, President Barack Obama visited the school less than 48 hours after the shooting.

Similarly, after the train bombing in Volgograd in the North Caucasus of Russia, President Vladimir Putin rushed to the scene to commiserate with the victims of the blast. Only recently, President Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to American troops in Afghanistan. He was already out of the country before the world was told what had happened. But in our clime, both friends and foes would have been availed of the information on the proposed visit and then cancelled at the 11th hour due to “negative security reports”.

Our dear president said the nation is at war, but nobody knows who is winning. Even if we loathe an all-out military offensive to free the soldiers, we can at least show our readiness to war. This type of gesture, I believe, would make the insurgents whose spokesmen have been dissuading the government from outright bombardment yield and release the soldiers. Whatever happened to gunboat diplomacy! Kenyans are tired of waiting and someone has to edify this President that a watched pot never boils.

They say “A just war is better than an unjust peace” Our soldiers are not back but the days are counting. How long shall we continue the waiting game? If you don’t want dialogue, then fight. Simple! We cannot but choose from the options available to get the soldiers out. Just like the families of the soldiers are keeping sleepless nights praying in anticipation to get their loved ones back, our government must not sleep until the soldiers are safely reunited with their families. In this circumstance, I believe our government must fight to reinvigorate itself. Kenyans are no fools after all. They’ll never confuse movement with action.

This silence is deafening. Let somebody do something to bring smiles to the faces of the distraught mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and other relations of the missing soldiers. Since the insurgents acted by taking hostage our soldiers against all expectations, it is time the government reacted to bring back the soldiers. There is no middle path in this matter. Government might is urgently required.

This administration has proved inexpert and cannot be trusted any more. Uhuru’s incompetence has buttressed the allegations that he ascended to power fraudulently and does not deserve another term. This man has destroyed every institution except his family. I hope and pray that when August comes, Kenyans will make their voices heard in the ballot by sending him packing. We can no longer afford any extra minute of perpetual slavery at the hands of Jubilee. This President has surrounded himself with hooligans and award winning thieves. By the time he comes down, he won’t have anybody to work with.

Further dissipation of energy in political campaigns by Uhuruto must at this time be secondary until the soldiers are back and the country is fully secured. There can be no election in 2017 without adequate security. The continuous sequestration of the over 100 soldiers outside Kenyan borders makes nonsense of whatever campaign promises Kenyans are being fed with by this administration at this time.

Even as I welcome this electioneering year, my heart is with the kidnapped soldiers and their grieving relations. Save our soldiers! Save our country please!


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