VIDEO: DRAMA in Meru as Man HANGS on Raila Chopper, James Bond Style, MAD LOVE for ODM

A middle aged man stunned crowds in Maua, Meru county after he hung on a chopper that was carry The People’s President Raila Odinga.

The man, who is yet to be traced, comfortably swung up and sat on the chopper’s landing skids and held himself with one hand while waving to the crowds beneath chanting Uhuru Must Go !

He rode on the same position for not less than four minutes before the pilot landed at Athimba Primary School.

The man is expected at Maua Methodist Church for medical examinations.

Raila was on a tour in Meru and Isiolo counties for mobilisation of residents to register as voters where he was given a hero’s welcome by the residents.

He addressed meetings in Meru Town, Laare and Maili Tatu grounds. ‎




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