BREAKING: Mombasa Deputy Governor Mrs Katana Commits Political Suicide, DEFECTS to Jubilee

112-46.jpgMombasa Deputy Governor Mrs Hazel Katana defects to Jubilee, fulfilling a long held dream to tour oblivion in early 2017.
Hazel launched her bid for Mombasa Senator to be sponsored by Jubilee

Director of communication, Mombasa county Richard Chacha said her defection to Jubilee was a relief to the party.
“We are not interested in sideshows. We are focused on winning the August 8th elections both in the county and national level,” Chacha told this writer..A group of Jubilee women leaders from different parts of the country including Senators and MPs welcomed her to Jubilee at At Lohar Hall, Mombasa.

Other Jubilee leaders who had accompanied Hazel were; Nominated Senator Mshenga Mvita, Kwale woman representative Zainab Chidzuga, Nominated Senator Emma Mbura, Nominated MP Sonia Birdi, Jubilee politician Suleiman Shah balls wife Rahma, among others.




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