PRISCAH reveals how she met RUTO and where they were having S£X behind his wife’s back.

Priscah Chemutai, a former student of Moi University, accused Deputy President William Ruto of child neglect.

Deputy President William Ruto has been a discussion on social media after Priscah Chemutai, a former student of Moi University, accused him of child neglect.

According to Priscah, she sired a baby with the Deputy President in 2006.

Despite his immense wealth, Ruto has neglected his baby to languish in poverty as he enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Priscah has revealed how she met Ruto and where they were having unprotected s3x that led to her pregnancy.

Apparently, a friend introduced her to Ruto when she was a student at Moi University.

She became friends with the Deputy President before they started having an illicit affair.
At that time, Ruto was a Member of Parliament (MP).

According to Priscah, Ruto would invite her for s3x at his Eldoret home when he travelled upcountry without the company of his wife.

“Ruto pursued me with various propositions for a romantic relationship and owing to my gullibility as a young and naive student, I acquiesced to the advances. Out of the romantic relationship between myself and the Deputy President, I conceived and on March 6, 2006, I delivered a beautiful baby girl.” She said in the affidavit.

Priscah says that Ruto has stopped taking care of their daughter, Abby.

The last time he sent money to her was in 2013.

However, Ruto has denied being a dead beat father and alleged that he has been providing for their daughter.

He also alleged that he secured a job for Priscah where she earns Sh 90,000 a month and besides that, she sends Sh 40,000 a month to her for upkeep.





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