[VIDEO] Gun drama as Senator Njoroge shoots at workers seizing his fuel station

Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge shot in the air on Tuesday to stop workers from closing down a Shell petrol station he operates on Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Vivo Energy hired the workers to confiscate equipment after the Senator allegedly failed to follow some rules.

KEPSA chairman Polycarp Igathe was among those caught up in the confrontation on Tuesday. He was at the station to effect its closure.

Trouble started in the afternoon after workers moved in and demolished part of the station entrance before carting away fuel pumps.

The Senator arrived shortly after to stop the exercise after obtaining an order from Naivasha law courts.

Principal magistrate Esther Kimilu restrained the fuel company from interfering, taking over or terminating the contract until the case is heard and determined.

Njoroge engaged the workers in a heated argument but some continued with the demolition, forcing the Senator to fire in the air.

An irate and emotional Njoroge blamed business rivalry for the incident, adding that he complied with all regulations.

“I paid Sh2.5 million to Vivo and I have insurance of Sh6 million. The fuel company decided to ignore a court order,” he said.

He denied that the petrol station had run out of fuel and said the take-over was meant to cancel his deal with Vivo so a rival trader could get the premises.

Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge points his gun at an official from a company that was to seize a petrol station he operates in Naivasha, February 7, 2017. /GEORGE MURAGE

Njoroge and the workers went to Naivasha police station to record statements for officers to begin investigations.

The KEPSA chair denied receiving the court order and said they were closing the petrol station due to poor management.

Igathe said the station had not had fuel for several days, adversely affecting customers.

“I had come to enforce the closure notice only for the Senator to open fire. I have recorded a statement with police on a threat to my life,” he said.

A senior officer who declined to be named said an inquest on the incident was opened.

“We shall take necessary action once through with investigations,” the officer said.

via star and Daily Nation


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