PHOTOS: BIG WIN for Raila as his JAILED DOCTORS are Released by the COURT


Raila’s top lawyers Senior Counsel James Orengo, Counsel Mutula Kilonzo Jr and for DPP Philip Murgor pettitioned the court of appeal successfully to have the jailed doctors union officials released .

A Court of Appeal has ruled that seven doctors jailed on Monday should be released from prison with immediate effect.

Judges Wanjiru Karanja, Hannah Okwengu and Jamilla Mohamed said negotiations will take place over seven days and that they will return to court on February 23.

The talks are to come up with a report aimed at calling off the strike that has lasted more than two months and that private doctors had joined.

The Kenya National Human Rights Commission will lead the negotiations. The Council of Governors has also agreed to take part in the talks alongside KMPDU officials.

Officials set for release are chairman Samuel Oroko, secretary general Ouma Oluga, treasurer Daisy Korir, deputy treasurer Evelyne Chege, Allan Ochanji, Mwachonda Chibandzi and Titus Ondoro.

Cord leader Raila Odinga accompanied his lawyers to the Supreme Court to appeal the ruling that jailed the union officials.

Raila said this was “horrifying and disturbing” and promised his lawyers would take action, where he said the Jubilee government had failed.

Oluga and six others were handcuffed and taken to various prisons on Monday to serve their month-long sentence.112-17-1




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