BONIFACE MWANGI Roasted for Cheap Remark at Uhuru Park during Doctors’ Vigil, reminded of his 2016 KCSE Matiangi D+

By Phil Nyams
“This function should remain guys(doctors) won by yourselves, let no one take your credit,” Boniface Mwangi declared moments after the entrance of Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga at Doctors Vigil, Uhuru park.

We all know that the arresting and jailing of KMPDU officials was political. We equally know that never in the history of this country have the union leaders been arrested for fighting for their rights. CBA, just like any other agreement, is signed between two parties. One party is jailed and you expect the negotiations to continue without the other parties. But an average mind like Mwangi (its alleged he scored a D in the just released Matiangi KCSE) cannot see anything wrong with his remark. It is in this view that I consider him to be wrong when he said in the function of doctors at Uhuru park that the function itself is apolitical.

Apolitical, when those who fought for the officials were actually politicians. Or was Senator Orengo, Senator Mutula Jnr, Philip Murgor and the rest apolitical?

Apolitical, when Hon. Raila Odinga, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetang’ula, Orengo and other leaders stood with the doctors from the beginning of strike to date. Are they not politicians?

Apolitical,when doctors themselves carried placards written, “No doctors, No votes,”

Apolitical, yet Uhuru whose regime sent the KMPDU officials to jail is a politician.

Apolitical, when somebody with questionable education background like yourself (Boniface Mwangi) is invited to address doctors (some of the learned people in the society)- So who were you in that doctor’s vigil if not a politician?

Mwangi must be made to understand:>>

That their CBA agitation is itself a political process.

The right to picket….that’s politics.

The right to fair wages…that’s politics.

The right to quality and accessible health care…that’s politics.

The freedom to express one’s disaffection with the system…that’s politics.

The demand for the implementation of their greviances…that’s politics.

The assumption that their grievances are justified and legitimate…that’s politics.


To shout to us “no politics”, when it is “politics” that’s given legitimacy and solidarity to their demands, is a complete turned me off.

Keep to your lane bwana Mwangi

Boniface Mwangi



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