[VIDEO] Laikipia wildlife starving to death after invasions clear pasture

Wildlife have started dying due to the land invasions in conservancies in Laikipia county, which has also been affected by drought.

Four months ago, Laikipia North was invaded by 10,000 Samburu herdsmen and at least 135,000 cattle.

The invaded conservancies have all been stripped of grass leaving no fodder for wild animals or local ranchers who are now forced to buy hay.

The video below shows a buffalo dying of starvation in Laikipia Nature Conservancy.

More wildlife are expected to die in the coming months before the rainy season.

Local livestock on ranches and conservancies are also starving..

“Invaders’ cattle are the only fat animals in the county because they steal whatever they want by force,” said a small rancher in Laikipia.

“I now have to spend Sh600,000 per month on hay and feed for my farm, just to keep my cattle alive because the invaders left us with no grass. The cows are so stressed that they are aborting. Our beef business will be non-existent in 2017.”

Pokot invaders have also turned to killing buffalo and cutting off parts for witchcraft spells to protect themselves from police.

The attackers, who are usually heavily armed, claim the buffalo are killed and only strips of skin, horn, testicles and noses removed for use in casting witchcraft spells.

On Laikipia Nature Conservancy five buffalo have been poached in this way just over the last week.

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