HERE is the Letter that SILENCED Top Lawyer ‘Socialite’ Donald Kipkorir, Response to Request ‘Kiambu’ Mafia to SPARE DP Ruto

Open Letter To Rafikiye Donald B. Kipkorir
By Dorcas Sarkozy
RE: Let HE William Ruto Carry His Own Cross and Hustle!

Bwana DBK, the good lawyer that you are, I am glad that you are exercising the freedom of speech afforded you and all Kenyans and commenting on issues of the day — in this case the perception that someone is “messing with HE William Ruto”.

I am not sure what “messing with HE William Ruto” actually means but let it go on record that H.E Ruto is a public figure with a public record stretching back to the infamous Youth for Kanu days i.e. YK92. And unlike Kenya which you say is “an artificial colonial construct”, HE Ruto’s less-than-stellar reputation, (as) a “hustler” if you may, is real and evidenced by public records.

The reputation of politicians is right up there with that of used car salesmen. It is a reputation that is not easy to defend.
Lest you forget, HE Ruto is indeed a politician.
Alongside being an active participant in the proverbial “contact sport”; DP Ruto fully knows that politics is the art of the possible and allows old “enemies” to form alliances if only to save themselves from say the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The “hustler” in Mr. Ruto allowed him to rise to the 2nd most powerful position in the country but even more importantly, escape conviction by a court not as malleable as the Milimani Courts you Bwana DBK are used to. For that, he, DP WSR should be eternally grateful.

Along the way, Mr. Ruto was revealed to be a hypocrite who talked Christian values while fathering a child with a woman other than his wife. To his credit, he took responsibility for the upkeep of the child. However, given his pontifications and profession/s of his Christian faith, WSR proved himself, unsurprisingly, to be a hypocrite.
The list of the DP’s foibles is endless – all within the last four years. His philandering ways just came to light this year in 2017.
Let me suggest that HE William Ruto read the “tea leaves” and heed his instincts; instincts that have served him well – to this point.
Rather than cry foul and wallow in self-pity, the DP should carry his own cross and revert to who he has always been:
The young man born into poverty who rose to be the Kenya’s first deputy president i.e. a “hustler”.

Ahsante Wakili.
Mie Rafiki Wako.
Senior Half of Digital Duo.


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