ANALYZING Kibaki, Uhuru and DP Ruto BODY LANGUAGE as Raila Delivered his Speech at Nderitu Gachagua Burial

By Anwar Sadat
Dr. Otoyo Nyamin Bim, an expert of Body language and facial expression observed the following when RAO was speaking at the burial of Nderitu Gachagua:

1- Kibaki and Raila share mutual respect punctuated by cordial love.His smile as the RAO spoke is a show of respect for a man who propelled him to power.

2-William Ruto was subdued, tense and mortified: the typical behavior you would see in a dog when a loin enters its cage.

3-Uhuru Kenyatta, poised and reserved, his actions is typical of a male lion ceding territory to an Alpha Male lion.

4-RAO was comfortable and in control, the typical behavior you see in Alpha lions when they dominate the territory of other male lions.

Dr. Nyamin Bim posit that Uhuru looked more like an out-going president in the last days of his administration and RAO was in control like an incoming president.




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