VIDEO: Watch ANGRY Uhuru INSULT Turkana Voters after they REJECTED Jubilee Party, NASTY Exchange with Governor Nanok

“Shida yangu si uongozi ni kufanyia wakenya kazi. Kwani mkitunyima Kura dunia itaisha?” ~ Uhuru in Lodwar.

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 Shocked Kenyans had these to say

Edwin Ouma :>> Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad- Euripides

Seth O >>>The ugly exchange between Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok and President Uhuru is necessary. Future generations must remember Nanok for standing up for Turkana oil. It appears to me that the only group Uhuru never throws tantrums at are Kikuyu coffee farmers, who each year receive billions in waivers and other incentives without the tag “lazy” being thrown at them. The exchange shows one more thing: DEVOLUTION is working. Long gone is the age when no one dared to take on the President on policy issues publicly.

Janet Kaluhi >> I was shocked beyond words. To the extent of calling Governor mjinga infront of the people he governs. Such words should not come from a presidents lips

Anwar Sadat:>> If I were Uhuru Kenyatta, at this rate, I would switch with Ruto, awe head of the Jubilee ticket na yeye awe DP or simply accept that he is a one term president and not seek re-election. When a sitting president, tells his citizens, ” Kwani mukininyima kura, dunia itaisha.” Then my friend the people do not want you. Going by the mood of Kenyans, Kenyans are tired of Uhuru. President Uhuru should now focus on his legacy, as an incumbent who peacefully transferred power to another regime. Kenya is bigger than him, and hopefully, he won’t bring kenya down, simply because the people have said no. We as a people, will pick up the broken pieces, bind them together, and repair our country. Kenyan will rise again. Jubilee Tawe!!

Nebron Fred
>>Well it won’t be the end of the world but ur leadership sucks we are sick of ur scandals every damn fucking day,let go we deserve the better.

Mathias Elmad :>>Mathias Elmad SIGHNS and symptoms of the suffering and death of king Nebuchadnezzar

Abu Musa >>>Shock as President Kenyatta lose temper became angry emotional and ‘sometimes ‘ reckless openly discrimate the Turkanas tells them Kenya will continue without them! Either something is wrong with the President or the Presidency!! We cannot entertain another 1 second of emotional President who openly discriminate fellow Turkanas and Kenyans!

Peter Ossome >> Peter Ossome Me think since Gidi visited state house secretly and Deputy came to find out abt it ,things have not been good. Their body language says it all n rumor has it deputy is ignoring his calls n that stresses him a lot. Now u can undst the anger when deputy’s lap dogs r so quiet and not doing their usual damage control esp the doctors strike.

David Mberia
:>> After suspending the Doctor’s union, the son of Jomo will be attempting to nullify the existence of the Council of Governors! #NEXT!

Dan Milaw Uhuru should control his anger and foul language.




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