EXPOSED: DP Ruto Under FIRE from STATEHOUSE over Uhuru INSULTS in Turkana, They Blame Him for MISLEADING the President

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Statehouse operatives and handlers of President Uhuru are squarely laying the blame on DP Ruto for the nasty public exchange of words between the President Uhuru and Turkana Governor H E Hon Josephat Nanok in Lodwar town on Wednesday. The shameful event that has been trending for two days, took place in the full glare of the media cameras was captured live on TV.

The embarrassing incident has been dominating talk in Kenya’s diplomatic circles who are worried about possible election skirmishes unless politicians weigh their public utterances.

Top Statehouse operatives are embarrassed by the president’s outbursts of referring to an elected governor as devil and a fool are now saying the blame lies on DP Ruto whom they accuse of facilitating local URP elected MPs to insult the sitting governor stupidly. In the Jubilee power matrix, Turkana county is part of DP Ruto’s zone (bastion).

They blame the DP of hiring every political ‘madman’ initially allied to opposition to strengthen his position in Jubilee without proper due diligence. “The DP should learn to use free intelligence information to him, he should have by now come to terms that governor Nanok is well grounded and whatever little money he got from Nairobi has been put to good use and as such very hard to play monkey business”- the top operative was overhead at the Serena Hotel’s fitness club.

“Watu ingine Ruto ananunua are so useless, they don’t know how to study the mood on the ground. iko wakati wa kunyamaza saa zingine, you don’t just talk because you have been paid”
– he continued.

Well, last year DP Ruto was in Turkana where he was given a cold reception, during the event he told the locals that the central government had disbursed sh.50 Billion to the county government, while the truth is that only a fraction of that has been disbursed (sh33 billion to be exact). The DP was also blamed for misleading the president about the situation on the ground while the truth is the president has a county commissioner who reports directly to him to advise him on goings-on locally. It is possible also the local security team may have conspired to teach DP a lesson.

Top area leaders including Senate speaker Hon Ekwee Ethuro, Senator John Munyes and the local security team led by county commissioner among others are said to have warned DP Ruto against underrating governor Nanok and also being truthful to the president. At the rally attended by the president all MCAs and MPs allied to Jubilee (courtesy of DP Ruto’s famous brown envelopes) were badly heckled but defied all odds to go on and spew senseless propaganda trying to justify their defection to Jubilee. Its the heckling that infuriated the president making him see stars where non existed thus exploding with insults.




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