Uhuru in TROUBLE for Continued Harrassment of Governor Joho, Move to Investigate Primary School Records Undermines Judiciary, ABUSE of Public Office

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Vengeful Uhuruto FASCISM rears its head as EACC moves to probe Joho ELEMENTARY school records.

The endless personal vendetta against Governor Ali Hassan Joho reached its lowest ebb yesterday with news that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has embarked on a purported investigation into Joho’s academic record and specifically his record in elementary school more than four decades ago.

official letter clearing Governor Joho.

The move has been interpreted by analysts as being not only frivolous and vindictive, but also one that touches on serious governance issues such as abuse of office and misuse of state institutions by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Senior lawyers have also lamented that the continued harrassment of Governor Joho undermines the authority of the judiciary which last week issued an order preventing State agencies from “further interfering in Governor Joho’s constitutional rights”. Justice Eric Ogolla, sitting in Mombasa High Court, on Friday issued the orders in respect to any matters under investigations by the several state institutions.

Therefore, news that EACC writen to the Mombasa based Tom Mboya Primary School Headteacher Suleiman Babu and is seeking information regarding Joho’s education at the school is interpreted as part of a well ochestrated smear campaign and witch hunt that has been going on against Joho and his family.

Last weekend, some Kenyan government officials secretly travelled to Kampala to attempt to influence the Vice Chancellor of Kampala University to disown a degree certificate they awarded to Joho.

Observers opine that it is precisely this kind of petty political competition and leadership mediocrity that has stiffled progress in Kenya for the last 50 years.

So obsessed are Jubilee with Joho, who’s only crime appears to have outplayed, outcampaigned, outmaneuvered and outwitted Jubilee in their quest to win the Malindi by-election early last year; that they have vowed that he must be eliminated from political equation in 2017.

Instructively, Mr. Suleiman, the humble headmaster at Tom Mboya Primary, has very promptly provided all the information requested by EACC and recorded a statement by two senior EACC investigators. One wonders when all this circus will end.

In this partisan and vengeful political melodrama, the Kenyan tax payers are clearly the losers and quickly becoming regional and global laughing stock.

For his part, Governor Joho has told friends that he was bracing himself for becoming “the first political prisoner” in Kenya in more than three decades.

In last Sunday’s rally at Woodley Grounds, an unrepentant Governor Joho seem to have resigned to fate and emotionally told the charged crowd: “If the loss of my personal freedom or life is the price I have to pay for standing up against the incompetence and thievery of the Uhuru regime, then it is a price I am willing to pay. But they are mistaken if they think the fight ends here. It has only begun and many more Johos will rise up to oppose them even if I am gone.”

Governor Joho with the Kenya police



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