LAWYER Ahmednassir DROPS BOMBSHELL, Head of CID Ndegwa Muhoro Wants to Kill Him, Police Dead Squard Ready

111-23Nairobi-based lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi who represented the Somali government in the International Court against Kenya, has sensationally claimed that Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) wants him dead.

Ahmednasir, popularly known as the ‘Grand Mullah,’ claims Ndegwa Muhoro wants to kill him for being a stumbling block in a multi-billion shilling Tatu City land-grabbing case.

The lawyer recorded an eight-page statement at the Kilimani Police Station in Nairobi on April 5, detailing the alleged plot to eliminate him. The former LSK chairman claims that Muhoro has constituted a death squad of five senior cops led by a Mr Kamau to execute him.

“Mr Ndegwa Muhoro, the DCI has constituted or formed a squad comprising five (5) officers who are well known within the directorate of criminal investigations and are trusted by Mr Muhoro to carry killings/executions on his behalf. My contact warned me to take this very seriously,” the statement reads in part.

However the DCI yesterday dismissed the claims, saying the lawyer is just making noise because he is now broke.

“That’s not true, let him say if he is broke to be helped,” Muhoro quipped when asked about the allegations.

In the statement, Ahmednasir says his beef with Muhoro can be attributed to the Tatu land saga, in which he represented some foreigners and foiled an attempt to defraud his clients to the detriment of Muhoro.

He had earlier claimed in court papers that the DCI had received a bribe of Sh50 million with a promise of 300 acres from the more than 2,000 acres. The allegations were in a letter that Ahamednasir had written to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

“In paragraph 8 of the letter, I stated as follows; that Mr Muhoro was paid upfront a bribe of Sh50 million; and that he was promised 300 acres of the land when the matter is solved.”

“I have no reason to doubt this (death threat). From what I know, this is not beyond the contemplation of Muhoro. His greed for land is limitless and he will go to any length to get it.

“Muhoro has a death squad in the CID. He has killed many innocent Kenyans over land, and he will kill more over land. Many of the unexplained killings during his tenure were done at the express instructions of Muhoro.

“He enjoys both impunity and immunity and kills when his land interest is at state. Due to professional role as a lawyer for Tatu City, Muhoro has decided to kill me and has put in place an elaborate procure and process. I am very fearful for my life… I will hold him responsible for any harm to me or my family.




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