This is what will now happen when you hang on a politician’s chopper in Kenya.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has issued new tough measures aimed at reducing the rising cases of people hanging on choppers.

Bungoma man or “James Bond” of Bungoma who hanged on a helicopter carrying the body of slain businessman Jacob Juma got a free flight after a company paid all expenses for him to fly to Nairobi. He almost died after hanging onto the chopper.

The press has learnt that helicopter pilots and aircraft operators will now be held personally responsible for any breach of aviation rules. KCAA director Gilbert Kibe has said that the authority will cancel the licences of pilots who allow people to hang on the helicopters they are flying. 0fgjhs493euju1i1r.28d54307.jpg

“Members of the public have been seen approaching aircraft as they land or take off, unaware of the dangers they expose themselves to,” stated Kibe. Cases of people hanging on choppers has spiked in past few months after the first case was reported in Bungoma in 2016.

Saleh Wanjala who is now popularly known as the spider man alias James Bond of Bungoma was released on a Ksh 100,000 bond or Ksh 30,000 cash bail.

Wanjala who complained of severe pains in his pelvic was set free after good samaritans paid the 30,000 shillings cash bail.

Kibe is worried that casualties might be reported is now that we are nearing the campaign season which choppers will be used more. The authority also issued the safety measures that pilots will be needed to follow before landing or taking off to ensure flight and security safety.


can also report that KCAA chairman, Samuel Poghisio, has warned people from pulling the stunt saying that the move doesn’t make anyone a hero. The new measures will take effect immediately.

Watch man hang on a chopper below:




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