After Raila wins the Presidency, Kalonzo should retire.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka (right) and senator Johnson Muthama (left) in a past photo.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is arguably one of the most experienced politicians, having served many years in Parliament and government. But this same experience shows he is a man who has only used his rise in power for selfish gain.

Kalonzo has a long history of being unsupportive of his own community and supporters. He can be best compared to a man who climbs a tree and then trips off the ladder so no one else can ascend.

The former Vice President has served in several governments but has not been linked to any development or personal assistance to individuals in his Kamba community. In fact, he has used his community as a pawn in the game of politics.

When he identifies community members with the potential for leadership, he either exploits them or tries to suppress them. He has used their clout and supporters to get himself to the negotiating table, claiming to have the community’s interests at heart.

This new crop of leaders has deserted him. Their defection from Wiper to Jubilee is not surprising to many.

If one doubts that Kalonzo’s clout has withered, they just need to recall what we saw happen in Migwani a week ago.

It appears that the Kambas’ frustration with Kalonzo has only been contained by their relative respect for Kitui Senator David Musila. With his exit from Wiper, where he served as chairman, many seem to feel a sense of liberation.

Those who have moved away from Wiper say they have encountered virtually no resistance when selling the Jubilee Party in Ukambani. They believe that this is because they are already seen to be unyoking themselves before the Kalonzo fallout with his community.

The showdown in Migwani clearly shows he is a man under siege.
There were about 3,000 people at the burial of Musila’s mother. Kalonzo arrived halfway through the burial, but, unlike in the past, there was no cheering or clapping.

He hugged and greeted the dignitaries, including Nyiva Mwendwa, Francis Nyenze, Charity Ngilu and Musila. When they stood up to speak, they all, excluding Ngilu, expressed disdain towards what happened to Musila and pledged support towards him.

It was clear no one was happy with Kalonzo’s mismanagement of the Wiper primaries. This came only days after Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama accused him of mismanaging the party.

Videos from the event show when he stood up to speak there was relative silence. Then they gradually started shouting at his comments to the extent that he even pleaded with them not to undress him in public. But they jeered on.

All hell broke loose for Kalonzo when he denied rigging Musila out. The crowd went crazy, the youth shouted, the women booed and all but about 400 people stood up and marched out.

Debate continues to rage in Ukambani on Kalonzo’s role in leading the community.

The time has come and his exit is executed by his own selfish endeavours, which have seen him use and dump his allies instead of walking with them.

Though Musila lost in the nominations, what Kalonzo did to him will most likely earn him the sympathy votes that will make him the next governor of Kitui county.

Senator David Musila lost in the nominations, what Kalonzo did to him will most likely earn him the sympathy votes that will make him the next governor of Kitui county.

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