Kalonzo must Revisit To Ensure a divided Wiper party doesn’t fell NASA – Bernard Kiala and Senator Johnson Muthama must be respected.

Confused Wavinya Ndeti caught napping and now guilty of party hopping, cannot vie on Aug 8 – IEBC. Corruption is to blame. The lawyer added that having received Wiper’s Platinum Membership Certificate on April 24 when she entered into a Coalition Agreement “the conclusion is irresistible that at the time she was still a member of CCU party”

The National Super Alliance (NASA) is “national” and “super” largely because Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka agreed to be its candidate for Deputy President under ODM’s Raila Odinga. Raila and Kalonzo are now fused together like an electrical appliance. The two are conjoined – and any attempt to separate them will kill both. They will either go State House together, or live in the political wilderness apart like a Wildebeest.

On this note, since sidelining Bernard Kiala was part of bad politics in Ukambani, Kalonzo must now revisit the issue and endorse Benard Kiala because Embattled Wiper’s nominee for the Machakos Governor’s seat Wavinya Ndeti is guilty of party hopping, as IEBC insists. The National election body insists, she did not file her papers correctly, her case is likely to be dismissed and she will not have a chance to be on the ballot after the judge rules early or mid next week. (Read more )

That leave us with one question, are we going to leave the NASA slot FOR governor’s post vacant in the coming general elections after Wavinya is disqualified? My thinking is that, We should not. This is where Benard Kiala who is running as an independent comes in. Kalonzo needs to approach him and the larger Kamba society to agree to run as NASA candidate even though he is independent after Wavinya Ndeti’s candidacy is vacated due to willful misconduct involving corruption.

Kalonzo knows every blade of grass in the vast Ukambani region – where his base is concentrated – and other Wiper pockets around the country. As the captain of the Wiper ship, Kalonzo must stamp his authority on the party while being democratic and open including summoning Benard Kiala back to the fold. That’s the only way he remains a commanding asset – and not a liability – to NASA.

According to reknown political Professor Makau Mutua, “Machakos is ground zero for NASA and Kalonzo. Machakos is important for Kalonzo, Wiper, and more importantly NASA, for a different reason. Senator Johnstone Muthama – a man not known to mince his words – has lately had a restive relationship with Kalonzo. He won’t defend his senatorial seat and has threatened to quit Wiper altogether. Whatever the reasons – and we must remember Kalonzo and Mr Muthama go way back – the kerfuffle between them could be a deadly nail in NASA’s coffin. It’s not a secret Mr Muthama is Raila’s confidant. This should be an asset to NASA, not a liability.”  That’s why Kalonzo and Mr Muthama must genuinely bury their hatchet and invite Benard Kiala after Wavinya Ndeti’s appeal is dismissed.

Lastly, Kalonzo Musyoka must tame his ego and stop dominating his son Mr Kennedy Kalonzo to that East African General Assembly parliament in Arusha. Kalonzo needs to look at the best interest of all Kenyans and especially his base (wiper) not to be seen as promoting nepotism and corruption.  Kalonzo must make sure a divided Wiper doesn’t fell NASA to the ground and above all he must be seen as a positive leader who is not engaged in malfeasance at the expense of Kenya. Wiper, NASA’s strongest link, shouldn’t become its weakest link. Kalonzo needs to kill the mini-Jubilee insurrection in his backyard by creating a transparent nomination process without bribery. This is the only way Kalonzo and NASA family will succeed in Ukambani and Kenya. If he does not toe the line, he risks being like Ababu Namwamba of Busia County without money and followers.

Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka (right) and Senator Muthama (left) in a past photo
MACHAKOS deputy governor Bernard Kiala who ditched Wiper Party after losing gubernatorial ticket to Wavinya Ndeti is likely to play a major role in August 8th, 2017 elections in Machakos.
Governor Alfred Mutua popularly known by nickname “Kavaluvu” seem to be taking advantage of NASA division in Ukambani. There are reports he has junks of cash to bribe unsuspecting voters.
Mr Kennedy Kalonzo, son of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka should stop dominating his son to that East African General Assembly parliament. Kalonzo needs to look at the best interest of all Kenyans and especially his base. He should not to be seen as promoting nepotism.
Senator Johnstone Muthama – a man not known to mince his words – has lately had a restive relationship with Kalonzo. He won’t defend his senatorial seat and has threatened to quit Wiper altogether. Without Senator Muthama in the mix of wiper, there is no NASA.



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