VIDEO: Hon Ng’eno DUMPS Uhuru Jubilee, JOINS Raila NASA, Watch Best Speech Ever

Emurua Dikir MP Hon Johanna Ng’eno Ngong has dumped Uhuru Kenya and joined Raila NASA presidential campaign.

Hon Ng’eno won his seat on KNC ticket and has been supporting Uhuru re-election campaign, he will defend his seat on KANU ticket an affiliate of Jubilee. He said he only joined KANU out of respect for Mzee Moi.

Hon Ng’eno’s defection leaves Baringo senator Hon Gideon Moi the only KANU elected leader supporting corrupt Uhuru regime

Dereva ni mlevi – asubuhi pombe, mchana bhangi, usiku baby powder. Conductor ni mwizi and is taking advantage of ulevi and autopilot wa dereva – wizi kupindukia. Hii matatu italetea WaKenya faida kweli?




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