Late Nicholas Biwott’s Properties and the fight against corruption.

Kipyator Nicholas Kiprono arap Biwott

During Nicholas Biwott’s tenure in government, a number of news outlets and bloggers have accused him of systemic corruption in which millions of dollars was swindled for private gain. Anyone who dared cross his path was killed. By the time of his own death, he owned a number of companies some of which are listed below on this page. Kenya continues to be poor with millions of ordinary citizens affected as a result of this illegal practice. Its never too late to change and help others.

Systemic corruption impedes market development, drives away investment, and erodes the rule of law. Prevalent corruption can render a populace susceptible to demagogic political appeals, and de-legitimizes political leadership. In economic terms, corruption diverts investments and distorts markets – with the poor bearing the brunt of the negative economic impact. Consequently, improving governance and eliminating corrupt practices are the keys to improving business performance, establishing rule of law, and ensuring that democracy delivers for citizens. Here are some of the companies Mr. Biwott owned in collaboration with others including former President Moi, Mr. Kulei etc.

1 .Barsirim Investment -Biwott 100%
2.Kipsinende Farm- Biwott 100%
3. Rono Ltd- Biwott 100%
4.National Milling Corporation- Seven shareholders including Moi and Kulei
5.Yaya Centre (worth KSh 3.5 billion) –Biwott 100%
6.HZ Group of Companies- Biwott 100%
7.LZ Engineering Biwott 100%
8. Premier Group of Companies- Biwott 100%
9. HZ Construction and Engineering –Biwott 100%
10. Air Kenya Aviation Ltd- Biwott 100%
11. Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd-Biwott 100%
12. Ziba Management & Services –Biwott 100%
13. HZ Group of Companies, Israel- Biwott 100%
14. Lima Kenya- Biwott 50%, Moi 50%
15. Air Kenya- Biwott 50%, Moi 50%
16. Safaricom Kenya- Biwott, Charles Field Marsham and Gideon Moi.
17. Uhuru Highway Development – Biwott
18. 10,000 hectare ranch in Australia
19. Kenoil-Kobil- Biwott.
20. Petrol Stations in Uganda Operated through Kenol-Kobil! (Worth KSh7
21. Westmont- An independent power producer company owned by Biwott and Harbinder Sethi Singh.
22. Grand Diani Reef Hotel – Biwott
23. Regional Air – Biwott.
24. H Y oung and Company Steel manufacturers – Biwott
25. First American Bank- Merali, Biwott, James Kanyotu, Gideon Moi
26. Middle East Bank- Biwott, Moi
27. Trans-National Bank -Moi, Biwott, Nyachae, Kangwana


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