The one thing Nicholas Biwott feared most while alive

the late Nicholas Biwott was also very paranoid.

Despite the fact he was the most powerful and feared Minister and politician, the late Nicholas Biwott was also very paranoid.

Legend has it that he so much feared to be poisoned such that during public events, he would single a stranger and strike a conversation with them.

This happened while people were serving food and as they queued, Biwott would ensure that he was just behind the new found friend.

Once the person ahead of him served their portion, he would then ask for the same food.

“This food of yours looks very good. I think I’ll have it. Serve yourself another plate,” he would say and walk away with the food.

This was meant to reduce his chances of being killed through poisoning.

the late Nicholas Biwott 

Biwott also never owned a cell phone and if he needed to make a call and his aides were not nearby, he would ask you for one.

The former Keiyo South MP would then quickly delete the number he had called immediately after and hand you the phone.

The late former Kanu strongman was also linked to the death of Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Ouko but he denied any links.

Police also failed to provide evidence that he was involved in the crime.

He was even paid millions by a book publisher for allegedly defaming him by linking him to the death.

The former minister was also linked to the Goldenberg scandal but he was never charged in court. He is suspected to have swindled the Kenyan government together with others for personal gain. He has assets worth billions in as far as Australia, Israel etc.

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