‘Uhuru has sensed defeat, he’s prepared to reject results’ – Raila Odinga reveals

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Everyone has noticed that lately, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto is a very angry couple.

They are lashing out at everything and everyone with intemperate and uncouth language, constantly exploding into fits of rage and spreading lies and misinformation.

Cornered by their failures and threatened by fears of losing power, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have in recent couple of weeks resorted to lying—intentionally, deliberately, and consistently to the country in addition to resorting to intimidation of independent institutions as campaigns have tightened and things swing out of the president’s control.

Two lies the President has consistently told is that NASA wants elections postponed and that the Opposition is interested in a Nusu-Mkate arrangement that will see the Opposition end up in a shared government with Jubilee.
These lies have gone on hand in hand with massive preparation of security forces for deployment in selected areas supposedly in readiness for election chaos.

Why Jubilee believes there will be chaos and where the chaos will happen is baffling. The Kenyan people will not allow this to happen.
But there is precedence to all this and it fits into our fears.

President Uhuru Kenyatta appears to be preparing to reject election results because he now knows he will lose.

We have seen over the years the increasing militarization of the Kenyan state and the moving of the President around the country in military fatigues.

As we speak, Uhuru is marshaling all armed forces to deal with challenges which only he knows.
There is a full scale mobilization and training of the Police, Kenya Wildlife Service wardens, Kenya Forest Service wardens, Prison wardens and the Army at a scale that only exists in dictatorships where the Constitution is overthrown and the President rules by force.

Throughout the history of democracy, established Kleptocracies involved in serious crimes cling to power at any cost. Jubilee has stolen too much and they are worried about leaving power.
The President and his team have been around the country, felt the ground and they know they have lost this election.

That fact has so disoriented Uhuru that he is unashamedly propagating lies no one believes.
Uhuru has come up with “Nusu mkate” fantasies and wild claims that NASA is afraid of elections because he thinks he will placate members of NASA by inviting them into the illegitimate government he plans to establish if he succeeds in rigging the forthcoming election.

Having had the experience of two very tainted elections, we are fully prepared to protect our vote and avoid electoral theft.

We wish to tell him that NASA has no desire to join his kleptocracy and wish to warn him again not to even dare think of rigging the forthcoming election.
Mr. President, don’t ruin our country for your selfish interests.

Do not destroy our democracy.
Do not overthrow our Constitution.
Kenyans have never experienced such trying times before in our history. Food and all other commodities are out of reach of ordinary people. Kenyans in every region are suffering and want change. And change they will have on 9th august when they wake up to a new Kenya. President Kenyatta, please prepare to accept defeat.
As I said at the beginning of my Kiambu tour last week, we want a Kenya in which no Kenyan feels he needs a president.

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