Uhuru Kenyatta quenches campaign heat with a glass of beer publicly


Uhuru Kenyatta downing a glass of beer before cameras to quench campaign heat publicly in kisumu.

Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta this week on Wednesday excited the public when he downed a glass of beer in front of live Camera’s.

The incumbent presidential candidate had a sip Wednesday at Kisumu where he was commissioning a new KSh 15 billion state-of-the art EABL brewery accompanied by his deputy William Ruto who was smiling nearby.

Kenyatta’s photos quenching his campaign thirst has gone viral on social media world over with mixed reactions. The opposition is also taking advantage of the beer drinking which is a problem in the country.

Uhuru Kenyatta speaking to an EABL worker. Photo: Uhuru Kenyatta/Twitter Read more:

Kenyatta is a rehabilitated booze lover and this is not the first time he is making headlines over alcohol admiration as shown by Governor joho’s video below.

Uhuru Kenyatta speaking to an EABL worker as he prepares to down a glass of beer before cameras in kisumu.


A photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta with his mouth agape at the sight of a bottle of champagne has been viral on social media for a long time


Years back Uhuru’s photo as he looked admiringly at a big wine bottle made amazing social media rounds which have never stopped to amaze.

As you would expect, Uhuru’s facial expression at the bottle of G.H Mumm champagne and now beer drinking has led to some interesting captions by Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook.

”Dereva wa Jubilee ni Mlevi, Conductor ni Mwizi” – Governor Joho

(Translation: “The driver of the bus is drunk and the conductor is a thief. That is jubilee for you, don’t get in that kind of bus”, Governor Joho said.




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