Excessive force against Kenyan voters is Unnecessary.

Inspector General (IG) Joseph Boinnet

IG JOSEPH Boinnet says they will have to use slightly more force than that used by violence perpetrators if chaos breaks out during polls. However, there will be no violence as long as polls are free and fair. This idea of the security Council meeting in state house and planning how to rig the Kenyan election and then threatening the public is unacceptable.

Early this year, the government received 25 new state-of-the-art police vehicles, including bullet-proof cars, which security officials said will be deployed to terror-zones to fight crime. The Kenya Poa has since learnt that the vehicles were offloaded from a vessel at the Port of Mombasa on December 29th and subsequently transported to Nairobi under tight security. A senior police officer told us that the police cars will be deployed to patrol conflict-prone tribal borders and areas with terrorist activity.

The senior source also reported that more police cars were expected to arrive in the next few months before President Uhuru Kenyatta publicly commissioned for their use at a national event at Uhuru park as part of preparations for the general elections in August. The new acquisitions added to a fleet of 30 armored police fighting wagons that the President commissioned last year February (2016). That delivery was for use by the General Service Unit (GSU), with most going to Lamu, Garissa and Mandera counties.

The former cabinet secretary for Interior Joseph Nkaissery said in January this year before he was killed that the police will deploy heavily in Mombasa, Kisumu and other hotspots, a statement that NASA supporters read as foretelling targeted police deployment in opposition zones. We have never established from which country the equipment were sourced.

However, our view is that, Don’t make elections to be a matter of life and death. Seasons comes and go. Kenya is here to stay. Everyone was born with nothing and will exit life with nothing. What’s the greatest command of Jesus? Put these efforts in combating extreme poverty. Go to North Eastern, Northern Rift valley , parts of Coastal region and many parts of the country, majority of the populace are waiting for death by starving when a few people steal everything from the government. Sometimes, Many of us don’t understand how it feels to have too much food and wealth when fellow neighbors are perishing in hunger and thirst. Nobody chose to be born in a certain tribe. Watu waheshimiane and obey the universal law. #Election2017


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