(Video) IEBC disobeys court, Chiloba says IEBC will announce final presidential results

IEBC says it will not be updating periodic results of presidential results but will collate all the 290 constituencies and then declare final results.

The Commission argues that the court said Returning Officers’ results are final, and that the role of the commission would be to announce the final results.

Raila Odinga

In the meantime, NASA has declared that, It is the law of Kenya that the results announced at the polling stations and constituency tallying centers are final.

According to my knowledge of English, to announce means to make public. Therefore, IEBC officers at the Constituency centers will be making public the results of the elections from their respective constituencies.

NASA will be having agents in all the 290 constituencies across the country who will transmit to its tallying center in Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, and the cloud the results as counting is done and official results declared at the Constituency tallying center in accordance with the Kenyan law.

NASA will collate and add the official results as they receive them from their agents on the field and will be transmitting those results to millions of Kenyans in realtime.

IEBC can take two years, even four years to add their results and announce them at whatever rate they like.

Let it be known that NASA will announce their results as they receive them and will call the elections when it has received sufficient results to establish that any outstanding votes can not mathematically alter the already received results.

We know IEBC and Jubilee are sharing the same tallying center and we understand the motivation of some people to try and announce the results from the Jubilee tallying center. They must know that any attempt to manipulate the results of the 2017 elections to suit Jubilee will not be accepted.

IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba




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